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AntiLogPro Boxed Forced Power ‘P’ upgrade

£20.00 ex VAT

Cost of upgrading a standard AntiLog or AntiLogPro boxed unit with the Forced Power ‘P’ option.

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This custom modification applies our forced power (‘P’) option to a boxed unit for customer specific applications and removes the PP3 clip which is no longer useful in this configuration.

As standard, AntiLog and AntiLogPro boxed units are not offered with the ‘P’ option.  This is because the boxed version of the product is normally designed to be powered by a PP3 battery at 9V, or from a stable external power source.  The ‘P’ option is designed for applications that require data logging sessions to be started and stopped simply by the application and removal of power.

It is possible to modify an AntiLog or AntiLogPro boxed unit before shipment to apply the ‘P’ option.  Adding this option will require a switchable power source in the recommended range 9.5 to 18V.

If you require this configuration, simply add AntiLog or AntiLogPro units to your shopping basket and add this number of ‘P’ modifications to your order.

This item is not applicable to any unit after it has been shipped.

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