About Us



Martelec Limited was established in 1983, as a supplier of specialist electronic components, but quickly developed a niche in the design and manufacture of satellite receiving equipment, which was supplied to educational, research, and government and military departments.  At this time Martelec began working with Anticyclone Systems Limited, where their expertise and innovation in software and embedded design became a crucial element in the increasingly sophisticated satellite tracking, and image processing projects being developed, for UK and global customers.

Anticyclone Systems Ltd Partnership

The Martelec/Anticyclone Systems partnership has endured and strengthened over more than three decades, and since 2004, Martelec Limited focused entirely on Anticyclone’s range of AntiLog serial data loggers.  

Anticyclone Systems Limited now owns Martelec Limited and our established Martelec operation provides a vital and very effective manufacturing, marketing and sales role, whilst Anticyclone Systems Ltd continues with the design and future development of the complete AntiLog product range.  Many thousands of AntiLog units have now been sold to hundreds of customers in more than 65 countries worldwide.