Product Documentation

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Product information sheet for AntiLog and AntiLogPro V9.2 PDF AntiLog V9.2 Product Info Sheet
Product information sheet for AntiLogPro OEM PDF AntiLogPro OEM Product Info Sheet.pdf
How to upgrade AntiLog and AntiLogPro embedded software using the Bootloader PDF AntiLog Bootloader

Support Software

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AntiTermPro V4.1

  • PC GUI based Terminal program custom built to support all AntiLog products and the menu system.
  • Simplifies downloading of recorded data via direct serial port connection or direct from the media cards inserted into a card reader.
  • Supports upgrading of all AntiLog products to the very latest software release via an internet connection.
  • Direct support for multi-unit operation.
  • Supports the new AntiLog and AntiLogPro V9 file system.
Web linkAntiTermPro Documentation
ProgramAntiTermPro V4.1c Setup 

AntiLogReader V9.0

  • PC command line application to extract log data from AntiLog media cards or from a direct serial port connection.
  • Can be built into script and batch processing applications.
  • Supports the new AntiLog and AntiLogPro V9 file system.
  • Available in 32 bit (x86) and 64 bit (x64) PC builds.
  • 32 bit version requires Microsoft XP or later.
  • 64 bit version requires Microsoft Windows 7 or later.
Web linkAntiLogReader Documentation

AntiLogReader 9.0 (32 bit)

AntiLogReader 9.0 (64 bit)