Product Upgrades

AntiLog Upgrade Information

Transmitting upgrade files to the bootloader

AntiLog and AntiLogPro units can easily be upgraded to the latest version of the embedded software.  They can also be ‘downgraded’ to previous releases if required.  AntiLog and AntiLogPro units have a built in bootloader application which performs the upgrade process.

To upgrade a unit, you simply transmit a special serial number specific upgrade text file at your unit in the playback menu mode.  The upgrade will be performed automatically.  The process is robust so if the upgrade fails for some reason, it is possible to simply transmit the upgrade file again and the upgrade should succeed.

Upgrade files can be obtained by filling in and submitting the Upgrade Request Form on this page.  You may request custom versions as required to match your requirements.  The requested upgrade files will then be sent to you by email.

Automated upgrades to the latest release

Alternatively, if you want the very latest software release for your units now, you can use our AntiTermPro application which can identify the required upgrade and completely automate the upgrade process using an internet connection.  Simply connect your unit, click the ‘Upgrades’ side menu button and then you can check or perform an upgrade without the need to request any upgrade files.  In addition, a button is provided to open a link to the related product user guides and any installed option user guides.

AntiTermPro upgrade example

Upgrade Request Form

Please note that all content on this form will be erased when the ‘Send Upgrade Request’ button is used so you may wish to save the content with copy and paste before submission.

    Latest dual channelLatest legacy single channelOther (please specify)

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