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RS232 Data Logging

The range of devices that use the RS232 data transfer standard for communication is vast and varied. Logging RS232 data streams effectively from differing equipment types requires a data logging solution that offers maximum versatility, reliability and performance.

The Anticyclone Systems Limited’s Martelec website is the official source for the full range of AntiLog and AntiLogPro RS232 data logging units.  These high performance data logging solutions are in use throughout the world and can log up to two independent channels of RS232 data at the same time.  They are ideal for logging all traffic on an existing bi-directional RS232 full duplex data link and they are also ideal for use on trials for logging the output from satellite navigation receivers (e.g. GPS), process control systems, test equipment and environmental sensors.

Units are configured using a simple to use but industry leading comprehensive terminal menu system that allows all aspects of any data logging session to be configured. There is no need to write settings to media or configure jumpers or switches and all settings remain valid even if all sources of power are removed.

All of our data logging products are designed and manufactured in the UK

The Perfect Portable Solution

From the beginning the AntiLog range was designed to be small, light, and having very low power consumption and can be battery operated. This means that they can be easily carried around in a pocket. Their light weight and small size makes them a popular choice for on board unmanned aircraft (e.g. UAVs).

AntiLog units are easy to use as they only have an ‘On’ and ‘Off’ button to control them and hence data logging can be performed on location by non-technical staff.

The Martelec website offers cased units which are supplied ready to use and un-cased (OEM) units for incorporation into your own RS232 data logging solution.

Continuous Product Development

The AntiLog range has been steadily and progressively developed and enhanced over the years to meet growing needs.  A perfect example of this is a well-known Swedish motor manufacturer, who, some years ago requested a version of AntiLog which would automatically start logging whenever the power was applied to it with no operator input whatsoever.  We offered this version to the wider market, and today it is now one of our most popular, outselling the original logger.

Supporting Accessories

We are delighted to offer a complement of accessories to support our range of AntiLog products including connecting cables and power supplies. Please visit our shop for the full range.

Contact Us

If you are not sure if there is an AntiLog model to meet your exact requirements, please contact us to discuss your application.  We will do our best to find you a solution  –  what we will not do is sell you something unsuitable.

Product 5 Year Guarantee

When you buy an AntiLog datalogger you are not only purchasing a piece of thoroughly-engineered electronic equipment, but a package of help and support for the lifetime of that equipment. Everything we do, from the design, development, through manufacture and quality control, is aimed at exceeding your expectations at every stage. Our commitment to the highest engineering standards is uncompromising, and the reason we are able to provide an exceptional 5 year guarantee.

All Anticyclone dataloggers are British designed and manufactured to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001:2008, and have been tested and certified for both CE and FCC compliance. To ensure the highest level of production control we have designed and built our own automatic production-line test and calibration equipment. A further final test is conducted on every datalogger prior to dispatch to the customer.