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Replacement RTC Batteries

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AntiLog and AntiLogPro replacement Real Time Clock (RTC) batteries

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A Real Time Clock (RTC) battery is used to retain date and time in AntiLog and AntiLogPro units when all the main sources of power are removed. If this RTC battery fails, the system date and time will be lost when a unit is powered back on.

For the original AntiLog units, a 2032 non-rechargeable coin cell is used to maintain data and time. The cell is either mounted in the lid assembly of a cased unit, or mounted externally in a holder for OEM designs. In normal use, the RTC battery should last for around five or more years before requiring replacement.

In contrast, all AntiLogPro unit variants have a battery holder mounted on the main PCB which accepts a 621 series rechargeable lithium-ion coin cell. The cell is designed to maintain date and time for around 6 to 8 months with the power off, but each time the unit is powered on, it is recharged automatically by the AntiLogPro unit. We recommend powering AntiLogPro units once for 24 hours every 6 months or so if units are not in use to maintain battery status. Deeply discharged coin cells may need replacing for future reliable operation.

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