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Printed Copy Of User Guide(s)


Printed user guides related to your order for all AntiLog and AntiLog Pro units including any additional printed guides for each option pack ordered.

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All AntiLog and AntiLogPro orders are supplied with a web link to a full set of user guides in PDF form (including option pack guides).  However, some users may still prefer to additionally have a full set of printed user guides with their order.

This order item delivers a full set of printed user guides for your AntiLog and AntiLogPro products.  The main user guide is always supplied and covers getting started and all the features available in the product and how to use them.  The separate option pack guides describe the extra features they provide and how to use them in conjunction with the main user guide.  The user guides delivered are selected from the following list of guides depending on which options are selected during a purchase order.

  • AntiLog/AntiLogPro RS232 Data Logging System User Guide
  • (OEM units) AntiLog/AntiLogPro RS232 Data Logging System OEM Supplement
  • (Option ‘P’) Forced Power option for AntiLog and AntiLogPro
  • (Option ‘M’) Data Logging System ICD-GPS-15x supplement
  • (Option ‘S’) AntiLog Security Option User Guide Supplement
  • (Option ‘G’) AntiLogPro GNSS Simulated Receiver Output User Guide

Note that our free to download and use AntiTermPro support program for the PC has built in support for all the very latest product user guides.   For PCs with internet access, simply click on the AntiLog or AntiLogPro image in the top right hand corner of the display when a unit is connected.  A web page opens with links to the very latest user and option pack guides related to the connected product.

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