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AntiLogPro OEM-P

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Our latest and the most powerful dual channel RS232 data logging solution in an OEM form factor. It features unrivalled capability and performance, even in very demanding data rate applications.  It supports dual channel logging from any of the three standard hardware serial ports at CMOS or RS232 line levels. It can simultaneously record digital inputs, input events, supply voltage and the local environment as well as poll equipment for measurements.
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Product Description

AntiLogPro OEM units are extremely capable, easy to use RS232 data loggers in a single board design.  They allow for easy integration into a wide range of customer applications.

In use throughout the world, these OEM units provide up to two completely independent logging channels for both recording and playback.  For each channel, you can exclusively assign any one of the three available hardware serial ports to any of the channel operating modes in any order.

AntiLogPro units are ideal for logging NMEA sentences (e.g. from GPS receivers) and applications with very demanding data rates.  Use AntiLogPro data loggers in any application where you do not want your data reformatted (e.g. binary data messages).  These units are also ideal when logging two RS232 sources together with digital signal lines where a common time reference is required and accurate time stamping is needed.

If you need to log more than two RS232 data sources at the same time, these AntiLogPro OEM units have this capability built in.  You can simply combine many dual channel OEM units together into a special multiple unit operating mode, all controlled via a single dedicated RS232 serial port connection.

During record mode, each channel can log RS232 data, but in addition, it can also log input logic states, digital logic edge transitions on a dedicated ‘EventIn’ line, button pushes, supply voltage and the local environment via a range of externally supported I2C environment sensors, all with millisecond timestamp accuracy.  Each channel can also poll connected equipment for measurements at user defined rates, or in addition, send independent user defined commands whenever connected ‘On’ and ‘Off’ buttons are pushed.

Setting up a unit is easy using the extensive, but easy and quick to use built in terminal menu system.  All settings are non-volatile and saved on the device itself and so they are never lost when all sources of power are removed.  No need for jumpers, or complex configuration files.

After you have configured the unit to your requirements, simply apply power and logging will start.  You can then simply remove power to terminate a logging session.  Applying power again will append data to the store in a new session. The unit will never overwrite existing recorded data in normal operation.  However, you can select a ‘Ring Buffer’ storage method instead.  In which case, the most up to date data is always retained when the media storage becomes full and more data needs to be added.

Please note this product now includes the Forced Power [P] option as standard at no extra cost.

  • Very low power operation.  Power source from 9.5V to 18V (Forced Power [P] option).
  • Easy to use so data collection can be performed by non-technical staff.
  • Exceptionally high performance, e.g. full rate dual port recording at 921,600 baud.
  • Can record or playback up to two independent channels simultaneously.
  • High capacity storage capability (supports up to 1TByte) with easy media access.
  • Units can combine into one large multi-unit data logger controlled from just one serial port.
  • Baud rates: 600 to 921,600 and user defined.
  • RS232 line management including individual line inversion and power saving options.
  • Can log local temperature, humidity and pressure using supported external environment sensor.
  • Logging of digital logic line states including two inputs protected to ±40V.
  • Uses the most comprehensive terminal configuration menu system.
  • Optional ‘Ring Buffer’ storage method supported which retains the most recent data.
  • GNSS NMEA sentence filtering and sub sampling options for each channel.
  • Powerful time stamping options, even for binary data all with 1ms resolution.
  • ‘EventIn’ logic edge transition capture (positive, negative or both) up to 200Hz.
  • Comprehensive user output commands including equipment polling.
  • Real time playback (even for dual channel output).
  • Onboard real time clock with battery backup.
  • Hardware 1PPS synchronisation output signal for precise timing applications.
  • Built in bootloader allows new embedded software upgrades via the internet.
  • Length 5.7 cm, Width 6.1 cm, Height 1.9 cm.


  • [M] – ICD-GPS-15x military GPS receiver data recording integration (e.g. ICD-GPS-153).
  • [S] – Menu security option.  A password needs to be entered by the user before access to the system menu is possible.  This helps to prevent accidental changes to the logging configuration in a trials environment.
  • [G] – GNSS navigation receiver simulated output option.  This option can simulate up to two channels of satellite navigation NMEA messages for user defined locations in real time, whilst recording up to two channels of RS232 data. Independent simulations of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo or BeiDou messages are supported per recording channel.
  • [1] – Power on pin 1 option.  Hardware option to allow the unit to be powered from pin 1 of the main 9-way D RS232 connector. This can greatly simplify installation as you only require the one connector to implement a full data logging solution.

For more extensive information on the AntiLog product range including list of supported options and environment sensors, please visit the AntiLog page on the Anticyclone Systems Ltd website.

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